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   Topic: I found this pic
Daniel Kraft

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Wait..I must be butter cause I'm on a roll.
This is an interesting thought.
"This Prison Called Freedom"
This is just too great!
I'm re-livin memories here at your expense!
Hahahahaha!! ...
   Topic: I found this pic
Daniel Kraft

Replies: 17
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I'm sorry just one more!!!
Hahahaha!!! Listen to this one!!
I used to listen to this when I was a kid!
I know this isn't a Christian forum and I hope it doesn't offend anybody here, but you gotta a ...
   Topic: I found this pic
Daniel Kraft

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He was too contraversial for most people ...
   Topic: I found this pic
Daniel Kraft

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The whole smoking, drinking, sex, drugs and rock and roll personna is just dumb to me. It is definitely something to make fun of. My parents went through that whole scene, and they regret it now. They ...
   Topic: any redheaded stepchildren like eisley?
Daniel Kraft

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Actually I am a redheaded stepchild. For reals. I have always been offended by the statement.."Beaten like a redheaded stepchild." It's racist.
But redheads will ultimately rule the world a ...
   Topic: Fireman Weston...Our Hero...story by k.dupree
Daniel Kraft

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He should be in the Dallas Morning News!!!
Hey Kim...I just cleaned the lent out of my computer and look what old sent email I found from like Dec.12,2002.

"pss. My friends from MossEisley ( ...
   Topic: Massive Sherri shirt sale shenanigans...
Daniel Kraft

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I would buy stuff but I'm not a girl. All I see is girl stuff.
Good luck on your house though! I'm making some art stuff to sell on Ebay. I'm thinking it will go for a pretty penny. But th ...
   Topic: Do you think Eisley would ever play a Christian festival?
Daniel Kraft

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That's like asking if PS40 would play at Ozfest.
Well...sure we would... if we were behind chicken wire.... and barbed wire and bullet proof glass. Oh man that's a funny thought. Well...maybe it's no ...
   Topic: Eisley Posters - small
Daniel Kraft

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I like the Eisley w/ Snow Patrol Poster best...I think because the picture is soooooo sweet! Great Job Boyd! Also I like the colors in it. It jumps out and says.."HEY YOU!" a sweet way without of ...
   Topic: Eisley News. Major Winds of Change.
Daniel Kraft

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Mr. Boyd,
Just heard about Jon. Well...I figured I would come hear it from the horse's mouth..."Wiiiiiilbur". I am amazed as always at the eloquence of your writing and the heartfelt openness that yo ...
   Topic: MTV slots Marvelous Things Video for rotation!
Daniel Kraft

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AW-SUM..that Eisley will be on MTV2....Bummer that I'll be playing tonight and won't be able to see it. Well "Happy MTV debut!" I'll try to see it later!
(Debut...what a funny word. It looks like "De ...
   Topic: Question to the Dallas, TX area peeps...
Daniel Kraft

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I requested it also via email. I have tuned in a few times to see if they were playing it, but they haven't so I pretty much gave up. I've been going to Power FM.
   Topic: PRINTING problems with "Marvelous Things" EP?
Daniel Kraft

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I have a friend in Omaha, Nebraska who said...
"Boyd's artwork looks fine on all pressings of the Eisley EP I could find here in Omaha. (Well maybe a twee bit bleary, but you can't always get crisp l ...
   Topic: Please call in request for EISLEY
Daniel Kraft

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I requested from Ft.Worth. I wonder if they will acknowl-edge my request.
   Topic: Dave Holmes, Coldplay, Eisley... New Management
Daniel Kraft

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Sometimes I think I am prophetic and somethings I am just telepathetic.
Speaking of new management for Eisley...isn't it aw-sum that Saddam Hussein got captured? Ha ha ha ha!!! -Randomboy
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