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   Topic: Stacy Post
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its cute but yea feaky, who is it?
   Topic: What's the chord in "A Sight to Behold"?
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all eisley songs in standard tuning right?
   Topic: Market Research Question from Eisley
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1. well i dont live in the USA, but why not? spread the music around, it wont hurt, eisley is a wonderful band.

2. as far as age wise, i would say 15-30+, Eisley's music doesnt contain explicit l ...
   Topic: Newbies.......introduce yourselves here!
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hey im arif, im 15 and asian. i just got into eisley like er yesterday night, look how ur amzing yo song catches me, im actually a metal fan, but i also have my soft side Wink i was introduced to eisley ...
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