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   Topic: help my friends and i decide a good name for a pink floyd...

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I'm not really feeling either of those options, but I can't come up with anything good. Does it have to be a wordplay?
   Topic: To all people who drive

Replies: 27
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That's a little game I like to play, sometimes. How long can I not touch the gas pedal. Haha. Ugh, I'm such a bad driver.

Haha. I do that too. I think i'm saving gas or something... but I probably ...
   Topic: Pirates or Ninjas?

Replies: 36
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I'm sorry, but I gotta go with Ninjas. Pirates may have cool catch phrases, like "Arrrrr, matey!" and "Keelhaul the swabs!" but can they.... uh.... yeah Pirates are really cool!
   Topic: Music file sharing, what do you think?

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soulseek is the greatest program ever. if i like the album enough after downloading it i will buy it locally from my mom and pop record store. its a win, win.

Agreed. *hugs my Soulseek*

I just ...
   Topic: Message Board Tips

Replies: 70
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please don't feed the trolls.

Reading that made me laugh. How can they possibly have so much information on internet trolls? Are they going to start d ...
   Topic: so i was sitting on my bed...

Replies: 15
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peas > snow

I don't dislike snow, but it kind of sucks when you can't drive because there's snow all over the road. Now if you asked me if I liked snow when I was in elementary school...
   Topic: Such Great Heights

Replies: 42
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wow. it poll is now equal between the two. I have to say I like the postal service one better. i recently used it at the end of a short film i made. it went so well with it

The postal service versi ...
   Topic: How many hours of TV do you watch a day?

Replies: 20
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I swear, that TV is evil! I feel like i'm programmed to put on the TV when I haven't watched for a long time. Even when there's nothing on, I always just end up putting on ESPN, who make news out of a ...
   Topic: Which Beatles song should Eisley cover?

Replies: 53
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I think it would be hilarious if they performed "Lovely Rita". I'm not exactly sure why.

I also liked the Sun King-Sea King idea. Sun King is one of my favorites.

How about "Because" though? Tha ...
   Topic: Kelly Clarkson

Replies: 52
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I actually don't like it, but I didn't want to vote that all popular music sucked. You sure covered the extremes on this poll.
   Topic: Favorite Beatles Album

Replies: 61
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I don't listen to the Beatles, I never really have.

That's sacrilege!
   Topic: Favorite Beatles Album

Replies: 61
Views: 34194

I don't get it... Everyone has a favorite Beatles song but only 13 people voted for their favorite Beatles album? Come on!
   Topic: What are your "crutch words?"

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i always quote the simpsons but out of context and no one ever gets it so i just get weird looks. like when i a fewbad things happen in a row i'll say "at this rate i won't even get into vasser" which ...
   Topic: Favorite Beatles Album

Replies: 61
Views: 34194

Just to go along with the "Favorite Beatles Song" thread...

What is your favorite Beatles album????!?!?????????
   Topic: I don't know what to have on my license plate.

Replies: 24
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I say get a regular license plate and a mars volta bumper sticker.
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