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   Topic: Erin brought us yummy Christmas cookies!

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it wasn't me! thats sweet though!
   Topic: Eisley Fanart

Replies: 12
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i love all the art on here but everytime i come across this thread i always think the title says "eisley fanfart" hahaha Laughing
   Topic: The Winter Asda?

Replies: 21
Views: 5717

i heard it in urban outfitters last week and i just about passed out. But thats awesome, they are getting some more UK publicity woohoo!
   Topic: 11/10 House of Blues in Dallas

Replies: 32
Views: 8168

i loved the show, eisley seemed tired which is understandable and i agree, i missed the banter!
mute math was INSANE oh my goodness I loved watching them go crazy the drummer stading on his drum in ...
   Topic: Interviews

Replies: 7
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yeah it seems like sherri is the talker of the group. Weston and Garron should do an interview they are so hilarious
   Topic: 11/10 House of Blues in Dallas

Replies: 32
Views: 8168

ill be there, im not such a huge fan of HOB mainly because of the no camera rule but hey its allllll worth it for eisley Very Happy
   Topic: Anyone tired of it yet? I am!

Replies: 18
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I agree I guess since we all already know about all of the "behind the music" stuff it gets old. When I tell someone about eisley they are like "isn't that a christian band?" I'd r ...
   Topic: i was messing around with effects on the Combinations cover.

Replies: 16
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black and white one is neato toledo! Cool
   Topic: Can you tell the difference between...

Replies: 53
Views: 12357

it took me awhile to figure out the diffrence between sherri and stacy. When I went on for the first time i watched a video of golly sandra and i thought they were british I don't know why ...
   Topic: Dallas in November??

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At the Dallas show Sherri said they were coming back to Dallas with mute math but I checked the dates on their myspace and there is no dallas date on there. I checked the HOB website also and its only ...
   Topic: Sherri's New Journal Entry 8.19

Replies: 41
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in that picture at the bottom i cant tell if thats 2 diffrent feet, if thats chads arm or leg or how that picture was taken haha its quite perplexing
   Topic: Austin in-store video

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Views: 1626

nice video! I love that song
   Topic: Christie DuPree w/ Wesley Jensen in Dallas

Replies: 33
Views: 7373

awesome pictures! haha i think i saw you because I remember seeing someone taking pictures and I was lookin' around to see if anyone saw Very Happy
   Topic: My Eisley Day

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The night before seeing Eisley at the House of Blues in Dallas I found out my aunt has a brain tumor. I was told that the next morning (day of the concert/day of my aunts surgery) we would find out if ...
   Topic: Dallas show roll call

Replies: 34
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I'll be there! Don't know if I can make it to the In-Store though
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