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   Topic: max's cover

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sherri could've easily added some high harmonies and it would've been totally delightful. nothin against max, because im sure hes freakin great, but a guy singing 'pleeease dont make meee cry' over an ...
   Topic: Sherri and Max side project

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they have tons of potential but why did sherri cover her pretty voice with that weird distortion effect for the entire song? ick.
   Topic: really WB...?

Replies: 83
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Hanson did it.
And look at them.
They have full control.
They still tour. They have a bus.
They support and feed 8 whatever children.
And Taylor still has enough money to buy his girl jeans.
   Topic: Was there supposed to be a preview today?

Replies: 190
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-i LOVE when stacy brings in her high singin voice. gorgeous.
-ambulance stole the whole show. genius song. passionate.
i felt all the emotions. pain. anger. confusion. heartbreak. lov ...
   Topic: Eisley in Waco (Baylor U) 4/23/09

Replies: 223
Views: 46379

not gonna lie, i am loving max's presence a LOT.
wish he were involved in more songs. maybe maybe?

also, has anyone noticed garron finally getting rough n wild on stage? like he's finally coming ...
   Topic: I WANT THE VIDEO!!

Replies: 8
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what IS the deal with no video???????? seriously. its just weird at this point. for awhile i thought maybe the performance wasnt up to snuff. but now with people saying it was perfection.... ? didnt ...
   Topic: interfaith wedding bells?

Replies: 35
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well, the deal is that christians follow the bible. or i think most do anymore?
and the bible, a.k.a word of god, is pretty clear about relationships with non believers.
not that it can be forced ...
   Topic: Fan Wishlist for 2009 - Informal Survey

Replies: 135
Views: 32034

Give us your Eisley wish list for 2009. What are you hoping for?

i would like to see less hole in the wall bars with bad sound and bad stench. indianapolis!! manchester orchestra!! calvin coll ...
   Topic: Eisley in Seattle (11/7/08)

Replies: 258
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so is eisley going to make up the entire concert? or are they just performing a few songs? this matters in terms of worthyness of plane ticket.
   Topic: Chauntelle's Nose...

Replies: 92
Views: 18361

its odd what these boards have come to over the past few years. huge long threads of people saying 'she added me! weee!'.... 'ooooo she has a scar on her nose! neat!'... "wait wait wait, why ...
   Topic: Anthropologie is expensive...

Replies: 64
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i work there. do NOT let the pricetag fool you. buttons fall off left and right.. just wander back to the dressing room closet and take a gander at the rack for the 'damaged goods'... ALL CLOTHING e ...
   Topic: Eisley Video from The Turnpike, Lawrence KS

Replies: 46
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its soooooo cute when sherri looks out and smiles while shes singing. she should do that more.
   Topic: Where can i find clothes like the ones the Eisley girls wear

Replies: 16
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that dress is from forever21 Smile chauntelles i mean.. they came out with it many many months ago. check ebay.
   Topic: Where can i find clothes like the ones the Eisley girls wear

Replies: 16
Views: 6295

years ago kim actually auctioned off a lot of the girls clothing, shoes, etc on ebay... you missed yer chance!

forever 21 is really inexpensive and you'll often see them in it. but really its all ...
   Topic: Who do you think Eisley should tour with?

Replies: 157
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Deas Vail. One of my favorite bands -- great melodic hooks, soaring tenor vocals (one of the best tenors in the business, IMO), and incredible live performances. And I think they've talked to Eisley ...
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