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   Topic: Eisley at the Gap

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HOT. SEXY. MMM. 788e7_o.jpg

There's a giant picture of him behind the cashier at my Gap and for some reason, I never realize ...
   Topic: Eisley at the Gap

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I always seem to walk into the store and notice them playing what sounds like rave Eisley yet. :-/

Ugh, rave music? How horrible. Hmm...maybe each store plays different music? I don't ...
   Topic: Eisley at the Gap

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I haven't posted on here in years (I haven't been able to keep up with the internet ever since I started college), but I just thought that I would mention that I work at the Gap and they have been pla ...
   Topic: WEDNESDAY: Tulsa Show hype thread :-)

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You should bring a sharpie cuz I doubt they carry one around.

They actually do tend to have sharpies around. But I usually bring my own just in case.
   Topic: Simon Dawes

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Anybody know for sure who they're named after?

I heard that they got the name from The Land Before Time. I haven't watched those movies in a long while (and I haven't seen the more recent ones be ...
   Topic: Sherri's Marvelous Art

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   Topic: House of Blues ... ehh

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Aww, I'm sorry you felt that way.
I enjoyed the show.
I however did not enjoy the security guards. And the no camera policy. And the expensive parking.
But performance-wise, everything was just ...
   Topic: Clip of Trolleywood at the HOB 4/26/06

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Aww, I love Taylor!
That paper airplane flying around amused me. But I couldn't figure out who threw it first.
And *squee* you got the Taylor/Stacy bear hug on camera. That was cute!!
   Topic: whoever was at the LA/san diego shows..

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I can see why you might have thought she was a DuPree. She seemed to have Stacy's eyes.
   Topic: Eisley on the news!

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Wow, that's pretty cool!
   Topic: once again

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   Topic: Sorry if this has already been a topic

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I believe the sound wasn't that great. They were able to clean up a couple of them and released them on iTunes, but they didn't salvage the other ones.
   Topic: (TOUR CONTEST!) Putzlitzer Award for Eisleytour

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Here's my review. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to accompany it because I went to the House of Blues show, which didn't allow cameras. But I made up for it in words. ...
   Topic: LA HOB - pictures! (oh, how they'd hate me if they knew.)

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And I was scared that if I said no and he searched again and found it, I would be in really big trouble for lying.

they're not going to ground you or something...if he searches again and finds a ca ...
   Topic: LA show tonight... who was there?

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bruceleedisciple wrote:

"Scream if you like New Found Glory (nobody scream)"

not cool

That sounds like something their management would have done as a joke.
That is m ...
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