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   Topic: I think it's high time..

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amen kim. here's something to lighten the mood... hate.gif
   Topic: Eisley in Waco (Baylor U) 4/23/09

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i was wondering where exactly they'd be playing too. i looked for fountain mall pictures but i didn't find much except this.

here ya go:

yep. baylor is using the same stage that switch ...
   Topic: Connection to David Crowder Band

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that'd be me... also, you'll notice some eisley on the pre-show music... not a coincidence... hahaha.

but yes, its me. come say hi to me on tour. i'd appreciate it.

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our best buy here had like 15 copies. checked target and they had it on the endcap with all the other "upcoming" bands, but there was only one left.
   Topic: Invasion Video

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stacy is a million ladies tall!!

that part, I'm not completely sure I understand.

Laughing Just go with it.
I SO have that poster in my ...
   Topic: Boys Like Girls cover Frou Frou...

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twas good indeed. i'm impressed...
   Topic: I NEED QUESTIONS before tomorrow night.

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WWJD? Very Happy
   Topic: Tell me all about Tyler, Texas

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i like tyler. but then again, i dont think i'll stay here for the rest of my life. its a little small for me.

but yeah. tyler is good. the vineyard is the place to be on sunday mornings btw. haha. ...
   Topic: NBA Playoffs 2005

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woop mavs!!!!! HAIL YEAHHHHHH
   Topic: Muse... or Snow Patrol

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snow patrol = boring live.
muse = crazy awesome amazing wonderful live.

if you do want to see snow patrol, bring a chair and a pillow.
   Topic: Fake sherri's??

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Pig Boxing? Now that's a pasttime I can stand behind.

meeee tooo!!!
   Topic: Chauntelle finally sings!

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yay chauntelle!! this makes me so happy inside. gosh. this diserves a hug, and you'll get one soon. haha.
   Topic: how do you say 'GLASS'?

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i'm pretty sure its not really necesary to add an "r" to words that dont have it.
   Topic: eisley abercrombie ebay auction

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thats really funny.
   Topic: Eisley on Real Rhapsody

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well if they are christians they're going to be called a christian band, sad but true

not true, really
look at coldplay. i've read interviews and such with them and i think they are all christian ...
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