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   Topic: Best Eisley Song
mr pine

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Not favorite like Wil posted.
I tend to be able to separate on what i feel is the best song versus my favorite.

as an example, my favorite Beatles song is Hey Bulldog. But I know that's not thei ...
   Topic: ~~~~~~~MERRIMENT 2015~~~~~~~
mr pine

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i bought the ep on itunes.

i really enjoy merriment. almost more than the new eisley stuff.

it will be interesting to see if christie does more stuff after the baby and life.

sway is a gre ...
   Topic: Aliens Exist
mr pine

Replies: 7
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[url=]they weren't joking
   Topic: My eisley promo collection
mr pine

Replies: 1
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Got them all on EBay over the years. Still have a few white whales I am looking for g
   Topic: Start making baby bets here!!
mr pine

Replies: 24
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i have two.
both girls

Angela who is 13
Naomi who is 11

best kids ever.
   Topic: had a dream about this place last night
mr pine

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antrider is on twitter.
he tweets alot so you could always talk to him there.

ill tell him people are asking for him there.

i still have quite a few friends f ...
   Topic: I Was Only Dreaming ... Of Days Long Past Acoustic LP
mr pine

Replies: 6
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i got a little nervous that they only made 250 of the vinyl records and it was still for sale on amazon.

for some reason i was hoping it sold out quick.
   Topic: I Was Only (St)reaming ;) Album Stream!
mr pine

Replies: 21
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got the album in the mail over the weekend. it is so good. and while i miss the stacey song breaks in there, an all sherri album was good.

and i have to say, the thank you on the album was very sw ...
   Topic: 2017 Tour
mr pine

Replies: 5
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wow ambulance. i wonder who sang that?
   Topic: I Was Only (St)reaming ;) Album Stream!
mr pine

Replies: 21
Views: 20545

i enjoy my meals with a glass of sherri...i mean sherry
   Topic: I Was Only (St)reaming ;) Album Stream!
mr pine

Replies: 21
Views: 20545

Any idea what is happening in the Louder Than Lions music video?

this sounds way cooler if you imagine Hannibal lector is saying it to us
   Topic: New Eisley Song: Defeatist
mr pine

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The intro reminded me of Mew.
   Topic: "I Wasn't Prepared" inspiration
mr pine

Replies: 13
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i did not get a reply. but i still remember reading her blog about it.

plain as day.
   Topic: I'M ONLY DREAMING - Eisley LP V
mr pine

Replies: 16
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im excited for it. sad to see chauntelle and stacey go but they have thier own lives to live.
   Topic: 2016 Election #NeverTrump #NeverHillary
mr pine

Replies: 23
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ive been libertarian for about 8 or so years now. i have been working with a few people at my church on getting signatures so they libertarian candidate will show on the illinois ballot.
and we are ...
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