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   Topic: LP3

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Ha. Yeah...and now I might as well resign my so far important job to the the audiofile Eisley fans (whom seem to have an opinion right on to another) long as they use their expertise for good. He ...
   Topic: LP3

Replies: 296
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Boyd can't be everywhere at once.

agreed...and that someone should be involved in the forum...the band/boyd can't do it all now that things are starting to go off again with all the promos....5 pe ...
   Topic: LP3

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^ 'cause remember, our discussion about this is serious business...
(especially now that all the newer fans are over on facebook)

Ha. Yes. Because what we say here is taken to heart by the band... ...
   Topic: LP3

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This went from a discussion of the new Eisley album (which most of us have been waiting years for) to the analog vs. digital debate that this forum has been having for years...Debbie Downers ...
   Topic: Beaumont Club on February 5th (Kansas City, MO)

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Ah...the damn Beaumont...again...there are other (better) venues for Eisley to play at in Kansas City, but I guess they can't be that good...seeing how they never book Eisley (I wish I could have been ...
   Topic: Stacy DuPree Solo Album

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   Topic: Eisley Signs With Equal Vision Records

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I'm just happy they have home that seems to "get them" (i.e. the intro video).

I don't think they'll treat them as the same "indie/hardcore(NFG "hardcore")" band as W ...
   Topic: Eisley on Vinyl

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Alright. I've been aware of the Eisley vinyl debate for a while...

Room Noises was released on a 1000 copy print on vinyl and there was much talk about releasing a 7" of Sun Feet back in the d ...
   Topic: Stupid Question

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Any demos? none that I know of...only live records, but I heavily agree on how much you love this record. One of my favorite Eisley's too bad it was lost in the mix of Moss Eisley to Room N ...
   Topic: Tyler Show

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I can't get over how glad I am that the Rhodes is back in full force. Stacy's keys in Kind blows me away. I'm glad they found a way to use the Rhodes in their sound evolution. That(those) tour(s) with ...
   Topic: goodbye cleo

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"Cleo, get back over here and get in the interview, lay down on your tempurpedic mattress...ungrateful!"
forward to the 1:00 mark.

Boxers ...
   Topic: Ambulance on Soundtrack

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Wow...Great trailer. Hopefully I'll be able to see this documentary. It reminds me of my hometown so much. Many of my classmates from high school I've now found to be in the same situation...A great t ...
   Topic: I named my daughter Eisley :)

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Congrats on the child.

Eisley is a great name for a kid...back in high school (yeah, my high school had a day care...wanna fight about it?) I knew a few people who wanted to name their kid Eisley, ...
   Topic: Boyd on Eisley's FB... comments reveal some tour cities!

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Although I'm not happy about the non-Missouri/Kansas/OK dates for this tour (so far)...I'm glad to be missed on this tour because we got so much love this(these) past tour(s). I will never get worn ou ...
   Topic: is everything ok?

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there's a reason her account is private from the public...

positive thoughts...but...that's a (twitter follower) dealbreaker... ...
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