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   Topic: New Eisley Song: Defeatist

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Is anyone here?

First new Eisley song since the lineup change today, called Defeatist. t-premiere
   Topic: the deep space tour

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We just received our tickets for the Detroit show at The Shelter next friday (3/23). Samantha and I are pretty excited. I made one show last year, but Sam hasn't been to see Eisley for several years ...
   Topic: BLEDfest

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Hmm... maybe I'm one of the few people who like Eisley and hardcore? Unfortunately I didn't get to see a lot of the bands I wanted to at Bledfest (mainly The Chariot) and we got there just as Eisley w ...
   Topic: wikipedia article

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I've done a little bit of work on Eisley's wiki page and added most of the stuff on "The Valley". I agree there's a lot more to be done/cleanedup. Anything you'd like to see?
   Topic: Combinations

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I think this thread is a testament to the subjectivity of music. My 2 favorite Eisley songs ever are probably Many Funerals and I Could Be There For You, which have already been mentioned as "ski ...
   Topic: EVR PreOrder People Post When You Get Your DL/Shipping Email

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Yeah, I ordered the vinyl only and got the link on the 21st.
   Topic: Top 5 Favorite Songs

Replies: 62
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Wow, no love for Many Funerals??

1. Many Funerals
2. Head Against The Sky
3. I Could Be There For You
4. I Wasn't Prepared (Laughing City version - I love that movement on the bass on chorus. Do ...
   Topic: waiting in line for Eisley concert stories

Replies: 32
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The St. Andrews hall in Detroit show, April 2006, we were maybe 7th in line, in the freezing cold. Like, 20 degrees. All of a sudden Chauntelle came out and said "Hey guys! Weston looked out the ...
   Topic: Question about Detroit Show (help!)

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That garage usually has an entrance open right on the Congress side of the street, which is a very short walk. After the show though you may need to use one of the other entrances though. I usually ...
   Topic: The OFFICIAL "I heard Eisley in/at _____" thread!

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My sister, who does not like Eisley (she'll come around someday) said she heard them in Nordstrom too. When I asked her which song, she started singing the "ahhhh ah ah" part of Marvelous T ...
   Topic: Detroit Concert

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Yeah, tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am. I really doubt it will sell out fast, but maybe if it does sell out, they'll move it to another venue? I've seen other bands do that. Its far enou ...
   Topic: Detroit Concert

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Yeah, I really need to get these. Anyone else worried about it selling out? The Shelter is so tiny.
   Topic: eisley tour starts in April

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I hope they play in every city ever.
   Topic: If Eisley never came to be

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I'd be topless cause I'm wearing an Eisley shirt.
   Topic: Merch begging/requests for spring '08 tour

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I love those hoodies that just said "Eisley" across the front...I think they were grey? I think they were never for sale but crew had them. But echoing everyone else, I'd *love* any sort o ...
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