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   Topic: did anybody else just stop paying attention to boyd?

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I'm sure there are plenty of people who would help him out on the drop of the hat. He goes above and beyond what he even needs to do - all of the tour updates, running and managing the site, all of th ...
   Topic: Eisley Fan Site

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I'VE BEEN WANTING TO START A GREAT FANSITE FOR AGES! I know there is the orangegreenandgold one, but it really isn't all that great - though it does have a lot of the videos! I think it would be great ...
   Topic: While Eisley is off Rockstarring.....

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You know, you're only two hours-ish away from where I am. Once I get my license, I think I might actually offer to help out (that'll be in about six months... oh woe). If you ever get a break and mana ...
   Topic: World Premier - Telescope Eyes video!

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Very Wicked! (Like the musical? Yes? Alright, I'll stop now.) I love it, the whole concept. I've always been a huge fan of videos with storylines in them - perhaps for I am such a film geek myself - a ...
   Topic: Newbies.......introduce yourselves here!

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I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Jordan Alexandra (last name omitted, of course). I am currently fifteen years of age and counting down the day or two less than six months remaining unt ...
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