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   Topic: Stacy's Halloween Hello

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I too am ready for Halloween
I feel like it should be Fall already
   Topic: Where is Sherri?

Replies: 38
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Wheres NORA??????????


someone please fill me in. i dont even see her on aim anymore.
   Topic: Sherri on Two Tongues

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Wow she sounds really good.

I think I actually like this album too, despite not really listening to Say Anything and only a little of STD.
   Topic: Would you like a new version of I Could Be There For You wit

Replies: 35
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I think the intro is amazing enough for them to rerecord the song as a bonus or online thing/iTunes.

Good call juan.
   Topic: My boyfriend went to Europe.

Replies: 22
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Eisley really needs to go to Malaysia.... and they should take me, I'm practically a local (from having lived there 15 years ago Razz)

Wow 15 years here? Cool!

Oh I pm-ed Sherri once about coming ...
   Topic: Happy Birthday!

Replies: 42
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Neither of them are that important that they deserve a thread solely devoted to them. Jeez.
Garron isn't

Girl, you have it soo bad for him. Razz
We all know you tease the ones you love the most. ...
   Topic: video of eisley in seattle?

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Views: 2293

you and me both.

i almost forgot about it bc i have so much going on w school, but hopefully boyd will post at least a clip or two soon!
   Topic: New Pupperooni.

Replies: 14
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I wonder if they named her that after the movie....

That movie is really amazing & touching btw, everybody should see it. (bella)
   Topic: interfaith wedding bells?

Replies: 35
Views: 11188

I know a few couples who are different religions and neither person converted to the other one's religion when they got married. But yeah, I think it's quite uncommon, not to convert.

Yeah I think ...
   Topic: Fan Wishlist for 2009 - Informal Survey

Replies: 135
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Give us your Eisley wish list for 2009. What are you hoping for? Where do you want to see the band? (literally) Talk to us about Festivals that are a must, events... scenes... shows, tours. I won' ...
   Topic: Have you ever...

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haha i'd be the person who zig zags a lot and possibly runs into a pole Rolling Eyes

but i've done it before, not for too long.

and did the reading while driving too... but that was cuz i had a test ...
   Topic: What the...

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The blue doesn't even go with the rest of the site. I guess I'm the only one who thinks it's ugly.

You just suck at life Laughing
   Topic: What the...

Replies: 65
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I think it's freakin pretty!! Almost like we're under the sea with all of sherri's little creatures Very Happy

but i agree obviousily if the forum colors were fixed it would be nicer.
   Topic: (Realistic) bands you'd like to see tour with Eisley

Replies: 228
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all because i havent seen 3 of those bands and would love to Very Happy
   Topic: Sandra

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I don't think it's anyone in specific...and if it is that person's name probably isn't sandra.
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