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   Topic: Has anyone met Eisley band-members on this tour..?

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I did! I met all the girls right after they played at the merch table. I asked stacy where weston and garron were and me and my friend found them loading up out back. So we hung out with them and talk ...
   Topic: Question about old EISLEY T-shirt

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i wanna see that shirt
sounds magical

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According to

i feel like eisley has hit up denver more than 7 times
im probably wrong,regardless they better come back!

i should probably say please
   Topic: eisley girls/darren of mute math... david crowder band

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I would just like to say that this is simply fantastic
   Topic: The Business Of Eisley - Constructive Criticism

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I think Eisley should keep things the way they are
and if they decide to filter information to us differently, i'm fine with it, as long as it isn't because some "fan" disagrees with how th ...
   Topic: Pray for Kim

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Definitely will pray for her
   Topic: Garron's Post

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Dang, looks like I missed the Rapture. 69_2218496.jpg
Garron singing in Scott Stapp voice: "With arms wide open.."

   Topic: Garron's Post

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that was easily the greatest post ever
those pictures were so hilarious
   Topic: Where is Sherri?

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Thread title made me think Where is Waldo... Laughing

Someone should make a "Where's Sherri?" book, i'd buy it
   Topic: Eisley in Waco (Baylor U) 4/23/09

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This is where my dad's large amounts of frequent flyer miles come in
I'm thinkin i might be able to make this one!
   Topic: i would like to let the record officially state...

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I whole heartedly agree with the arrested development is to tv programs
best show EVER
stupid fox had to go and ruin everything
   Topic: Movie recommendation for Sherri

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If you don't mind reading subtitles, watch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le Scaphandre et le Papillon). It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. The story breaks my heart every ti ...
   Topic: I created a music video set to Brightly Wound

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I love video making but i can never find actors ugh
nice work but like what was already said try using people who are actually singing and playing the music next time
you gotta start somewhere
I li ...
   Topic: Sherri and Garron's posts=cutest thing ever?

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Boyd's post with the drawings made me laugh so hard
i dont even know why
   Topic: Christmas :)

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I wouldn't mind if they released an album similar to Sufjan's "Songs for Christmas" in the way that they would have originals and covers... Very Happy

I totally agree with that, that would be sw ...
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