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   Topic: Discussion About itunes release

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vintage people is amazing in every sense of the word.
and the demo of tree tops is... awe inspiring.
thanks for letting them loose in the world.
   Topic: hey. 51 more members and we break 4000

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holy socks!
   Topic: oh my god! awesomeness! radness! wowness!

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g-g-g-golly sandra!
wonderful, magical, and marvelous Smile

go get some grub!

   Topic: Boyd's about to hit 3000!!

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holy squash!
boyd you should post #3000 right here in this thread.

just because. . .
none of us have anything more exciting this weekend than counting posts Smile

   Topic: best eisley dream ever

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>weston appeared in a puff of smoke

i think he does that a lot actually Smile

the bit about rushing to computers to post about the show cracked me up hahaha

   Topic: How Old Are You? 10 - 30 Eisley Market Research

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yeah i agree, lots of highschool/college age folks. thatd tbe the target audience i reckon. though i do think eisley has an appeal to any age demographic. theyre just so grood. Smile
   Topic: Market Research Question from Eisley

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1. i'll go with yes, because the more people who have access to eisley the better. i know from telling people about the eps lots of them were like "i cant find it anyplace" - and like somebody said ab ...
   Topic: 3 newish and different albums i've been listening to.

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also, one of the guys in arcade fire looks a lot like napoleon dynamite.
its true.

so thats just another reason why theyre cool.
   Topic: i should probably put this in "shameless"

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top notch, as usual Smile
"she's letting them out freely" is marvelous - looks like an album cover from the 60s.

(happy early birfday)
   Topic: summore play doh mation

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i think its safe to say that weston is some sort of genius.
im not quite sure what sort of genius, but hes definitly some sort...
most likely the sort that becomes a mad scientist, i reckon Very Happy
   Topic: playdoh mation video

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thats flippin fantastic!
when i was in eighth grade, i made a playdoh video of a band rocking out. the band was called "clay" and if i remember right, i used a song by the rembrandts as their song. ...
   Topic: 3 newish and different albums i've been listening to.

Replies: 37
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the arcade fire is an excellent purveyor of tuneage - check out their ep what came previous to funeral if you can find it also, they is topps.
   Topic: vintage eisley video

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hilarious Smile
   Topic: stacy stacy stacy...

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thats really nifty
thanks for sharing that, i hadnt seen it before

(and if youre readin this stacy, that was mucho neato!)

   Topic: pedro the lion covers eisley

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thats awesome hahaha
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