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The Dallas Observer Music Awards

Here's the Dallas Observer article covering the events. Sarah, the
new music editor was very cool to Eisley: l

Thanks for voting, you guys... between you and the radio fans in Dallas,
Eisley won 4 awards out of 5.

BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Marvelous Things)

Weston was at home when they took this.
This is just a room at The Sound Factory.

Hope there are no sour grapes in Dallas from bands that didn't win. The
band was totally shocked. Thanks, seriously for voting. A&R, Craig
Aaronson freaked out when her heard. And if any of you hope some of
you got to see the loveley Jesse Munds accept the award for Eisley. She's

They lost out to the something Brothers (?) on the Song of the Year.
(Former Toadies) The song was "Marvelous Things"...a song that
hasn't really gotten much radio play that we know of...which is fine. It's
not very radio really. I guess it's more mtv than local Dallas radio rock.
(?) Anyway, Josh doesn't play it much.

Also...Tim from the Polyphonic Spree won best overall musician of the
year... Radiant won a well deserved Best new act of the year. (our
buddies) Beyond that...I don't know many of the bands. Eisley was the
only one holding heavy metal at the end.

Still, all of this is amazing - we're still talking about a band with no record
on the market. (not according to industry standards) Remember, "ep's
are not real". Very thankful.

Here's last year's article from their awards one year ago: tml



"The industrialists never saw the fruit of their own labor - Post Moderism,
which I now proclaim as dead. Their forefathers digital revolutionists,
have accelerated the final resolve by punctuating an end to our chaotic
journey with a new manifesto and a new era: The Age of Meaning."

(manifesto's sold separate)
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any relation to big al dupree? Smile
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wooooooooaaaaaaaaa!! congratulations!!!
well deserved awards!! Very Happy


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Just read the article... you must be pleased with the write-up Smile

I liked this part especially:

"[Eisley's] is the kind of music made by children who grew up listening to songs, rather than watching them on MTV. Children who grew up reading in bed, drawing at the kitchen table, playing make-believe in the yard. Their two EPs, Marvelous Things and Laughing City, create swirling kingdoms of Narnia-style fantasmagoria: a bat with butterfly wings, an aquatic underworld, a little girl soaring above the trees. Artful and literate, their music is the best endorsement for homeschooling I've seen since my freshman English teacher assigned Ivanhoe."

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hurrah! Very Happy
guitarfreak217 wrote:
Everyone, listen to Leigh. She knows what's up.

theantrider wrote:
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yayyyyy!! some well-earned respect. congrats guys you must be stoked about these awards
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go eisley and the polyphonic spree!
i should have been bordie of the month...every month.
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