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After Midnight...TONIGHT
Tonight the on-line tickets turn back into walk-up pumpkins.

Just letting you guys know that over half of the tickets
have been sold on line and there are still hours to go
before the stroke of midnight.

Most of the local scene won't be buying tickets on line...just because,
well, why should they? They're local. They walk up. So if you're coming
from out of town and haven't bought a ticket, you might get here as
early as 7:00 to protect your driving investment.

Then again, we don't really know if there is much of a local scene
anymore or many eisley fans around the area. Maybe the on-liners are
IT... It doesn't matter. I'm just hedging and informing in case...because
I'm am trying to do for others what I'd have them do for me, even at
the risk of over-stating or over-estimating the turn out. I'm ok with
seeming that uncool...or stupid, because basically, I am that uncool and
stupid. Thanks.



"The industrialists never saw the fruit of their own labor - Post Moderism,
which I now proclaim as dead. Their forefathers digital revolutionists,
have accelerated the final resolve by punctuating an end to our chaotic
journey with a new manifesto and a new era: The Age of Meaning."

(manifesto's sold separate)
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