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hi again!

Hooray for interactive forums! That's like, the first time anyone's ever replied to me when I've posted something in a forum. Which, therefore, makes Eisley not only the Best Band - but the Best Band With The Best Forum. Very Happy

I did indeed find the Laughing City EP! I ordered it from Amazon right after I read the Seventeen thingy on Eisley. And I play it for all of my friends and take them off my Friend List when they don't like it... heh heh.. just kidding. Razz But this one time, my three best guy friends (one of whom is my husband, tee hee) and I were on this road trip to Podunk, TX. And we passed through Tyler - and I was like "play this CD RIGHT NOW!!!!! And they were like "What the heck is wrong with you woman?" But they consented and started saying things like "what's up with this chick band?" and I began to explain to them how you guys are a bunch of siblings and homeschoolers (like me Very Happy ) from Tyler - and when I got to the part where I said "their band name used to be Moss Eisley but Lucas put the smack down", then all the guys said "respectable" and listened to the rest of the CD. <---- isn't it a great story!?!?

Well, anywho I hope that it's not bad that I'm not writing about the Marvelous Things video in the Marvelous Things Video Forum.... Embarassed
Forgive me?

And my name Hakeber... you should read it backwards and then you will know my middle name.... Laughing


..Boy, he'd love to have a farm somewhere, keep some sheep...
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Howdy. I don't think it was a smackdown ... but cool. Welcome! (Make sure to stick around, this band and the people here are awesome.) Very Happy

You can't spell awesome without emo...backwards! -Julie
definingawesome (11:44:11 PM): Eisley shivers our timbers
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