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The Scoop
Hey ya'll. Ok. Here's this big thing I've been talking about. Yahoo
( must like Eisley because they are putting them in a line up
of new bands (Elefant, MC Lars, Exies and Eisley) in a prominent
place... and you VOTE for the band you like the best.'s little "us"
against "whoever" them. The exposure and visibility (same) that Eisley
will get (millions) will be very sweet. Thank you "launch" for supporting
cool music.

Anyway, Warner - in conjunction with other entities - like Urban Outfitters
and Swell are helping to sponser a contest to bolster voting incentive - so
after you go vote, send in an email to to
tell my friend Jeff that you voted, and you will be automatically entered
into the contest.

If eisley wins, four of you (winners) will be chosen at random to win both
a $150 gift certificate to (
and a $150 gift certificate to Vote now and email your entry!
Winners will be notified by email by Feb. 11th.

The contest is called: The Streets to Slopes Contest. To enter, simply
vote for Eisley at:


"The industrialists never saw the fruit of their own labor - Post Moderism,
which I now proclaim as dead. Their forefathers digital revolutionists,
have accelerated the final resolve by punctuating an end to our chaotic
journey with a new manifesto and a new era: The Age of Meaning."

(manifesto's sold separate)
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