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The down time today (Saturday October 14th) wasn't due to problems. It was due to correcting the problem. They installed a brand new server and backed up all the data in two places... even grabbed a snapshot for xtra precaution.

After the next 14 hrs of back up are complete, things should be safe, sound and on-line without interruption. Having said that, it's a new server; if there are any issues, they should only require quick fix tweaks. We've certainly had our share of problems this month. We're so sorry... at least it looks like things are looking up.




"The industrialists never saw the fruit of their own labor - Post Moderism,
which I now proclaim as dead. Their forefathers digital revolutionists,
have accelerated the final resolve by punctuating an end to our chaotic
journey with a new manifesto and a new era: The Age of Meaning."

(manifesto's sold separate)
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great. but i think that you should update this phpBB version to phpBB3 Olympus
sorry for my bad english.
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