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Sea Post King

I think the CD should be sold in ASDA. I don't know if you have an ASDA in America but if you're selling it in supermarkets in the UK I would cry with happiness.

15 to 25 is the best market to target. All these young people who love music and want to spend their money!

I would have thought there would be more girls, but apparently not! Crazy days!

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Sea Post King

1. to me its ok if its made available, as long as i can it get online. itd be much easier for me to just walk into a store and buy one, but i cant seem to find any here in malaysia. :(

2. i think eisley's aiming for the teens-young adults market, as they're music covers stuff that one in the said age bracket would find to be interesting. plus, they seem to be a lot interests in bands with a female vocalist lately, at least here. also, more and more people are turning to music genres such as eisley's.

3. id say most of the fans are made up of males, simply due to the fact that there are attractive and talented girls in the band. i know im one of them. ahem. it could be around 60%, i guess.
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Sea Post King

1) sure,why not.eventhough there's no walmart or k-mart here but it wouldn't hurt for their albums to be made as available as possible.i just hope their new album will be distributed here in malaysia cause otherwise i'm gonna have to get it online and i'm just not sure about the whole process yet..lame,i know

2) i think the age group is somewhere between 15-35

3) maybe there's just a little bit more guys than girls..about 60% to 40%.having 3 beautiful ladies in the band probably is the main reason for this but eisley is definitely more than just about looks and the fans go way beyond this fact
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Sea Post King

1. I buy my cd.s at small shops, where they are less expensive, but you might consider selling at Wal/K mart, so others who aren't even aware of Eisley's existence can get into them.
2.Eisley os a very unique sort of music. My guess is that younger kids can't appreciate the uniqueness, yet and that the older folk aren't that used to listening to CRAZINESS in music. (I hope I didn't offend anyone by the generalization of age)
3. It looks pretty even on the male/female percentage. I think it's pretty well-balanced.

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Sea Post King

1. I'd say no to wall-mart, kmart. They never carry good music, so putting eisley in the mix would be horrible, because eisley is so good.

2. I started listening to eisley when i was 13 or 12. And I was the youngest eisley fan I knew of. I'm now fourteen, but still, most eisley fans I know are age 15-25.

2. I would think more females. But, it's just a guess.
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Sea Post King

whoops, I meant 1. 2. and 3. not 1. 2. and 2.
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Sea Post King

Wal-Mart...yes. My reason sort of answers your second question as well. I am 39..absolutely fell in love with Eisley when I stumbled across you all from a friend's myspace. I am a youth worker and have been for about 11 years. I love teens and their zeal for life. I never want to grow old and stale. However, with all that said, you probably wont find me in a small record store and even though I frequent the mall, I absolutely hate record stores in malls. I get all my CD's from either Wal-Mart or the huge chains that sell audio/video stuff. Anyhow, thats my 2 cents worth. Wink
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Sea Post King

Wal-mart? Well, depends on how bad you want to make money. Honestly. I don't think any kind of integrity would be sacrificed, even if you guys/gals don't shop there. I know a lot of folks that buy music there.

I am 24 years old and all my friends listen to Eisley. Although, I spun the first record for my mother and she liked it. I would say the 16 - 25 age group mostly.....only because their parents give them money to buy stuff and they go to shows.
The nice part about Eisley is that they appeal to these kids, but they don't have any of the annoying traits that most pop/rock groups have, so older folks don't feel like douche bags listening to them.

Wouldn't surprise me to say guys only because that is my own personal experience. I love this band as do most all my guys friends. The cool thing is, most guys I know don't like bands with girl singers. They feel sort of girly singing along. With Eisley, it's just damn good songwriting and that makes the guys I know say..."Screw it! I love Eisley!" Maybe...65% men/35% women

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Sea Post King

It might be a little late to resurrect this thread, but since it's been done...

The more available the album is, the better. I can't think of a reason not to put it in Wal-Mart, etc., unless there are major business reasons that I am not familiar with. I imagine you might not get as much profit margin on Wal-Mart sales, so you may make more money in the long run by only selling it through iTunes or mom-and-pop stores. On the other hand, for such a relatively unknown band (grr) it may be worth the low profit margins in order to increase the volume, and in so doing to exponentially increase sales through word of mouth.

I'll concur with the popular consensus that it's about a 50/50 split.

As for gender, I don't know if this website will give a very accurate picture, since I imagine that male fanboys are more likely to spend a lot of time on the band's website than female fanboys. (That may not be the case, and I may be operating on stereotypes that are about a decade old, back when only nerds spent time on bands' websites.) The shows themselves have been fairly balanced, as far as I've seen. I would expect the audience to skew slightly masculine, since the band is mostly comprised of beautiful girls.


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Golly, Poster

1. Walmart... Sure, why not (I don't have a walmart within traveling distance, though.. Target, more like)
2. I'd guess anywhere from 12- 55; i know i'm a teenager and my friends mom listens to eisley.
3. I'd guess there'd be [i]way[/i] more girls than guys, just because of some of the themes, as well as guys just don't listen to girl singers a whole, though girls will listen to both girls and guys. It's really a shame, sine they could learn so much.. hee hee, plus an evil grin
Percentage: well it's arbritrary, but say, guys 27% and girls 110% Wink (Okay you caught me; 73% girls)
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My Blackened Crown
Sea Post King

1) I went to wal*mart for Combinations, they didnt have it. I had to go to BestBuy. I really couldnt care, at least itsoutthereand its selling good.

2) Im thinking like 12-25

3) maybe like 60% girls, and 40% guys

4) Ihave no idea, Im a guy and I love the band, but I just see more chicks liking em, maybe Im stereotyping; chicks like "chick-ish" bands, but..whatever.
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Sea Post King

1. I personally would never buy an Eisley record at Wal Mart because of certain convictions I have about never shopping there, ever. Because they are horrible people.

2&3. All the people I know who listen to Eisley are mostly college aged girls.

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Sea Post King

1. I never buy albums there. I'm all about the local record stores so I guess I would say no? But I feel like you'd be reach a different group if you sold the stuff there.

2. As far as age goes....the girls I babysit for like Eisley and they're 10 and 11. So I'd say.. 10-35? I'm not really sure, I feel like there is a very broad age range.

3. If I hadn't been to any Eisley shows, I would have guessed more girls than guys.. but having been to shows, definitely about 50/50.
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Sea Post King

I could see having the CD at Wal Mart being a good business move. Just don't forget all of the little indie stores!

The other issues seem to be pretty well-addressed.
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Laughing Citizen


1. Should Eisley's LP be in Walmart/K-Mart, and why?

- Is more distribution better than less distribution? Don't know-tough call. Don't have the industry expertise to answer that one. I live in Dallas, and get all my music from Good, Bills, e-music and Rhapsody (in order of preference). Last ditch used to be Tower and Virgin, but they closed, and now last ditch is Amazon. I personally wouldn't shop at Walmart under any circumstances, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take money from those who do. In fact, you should take as much of their money as possible before they use it to do evil! If your strategy involved maintaining "indie cred" (so to speak), there MIGHT be a concern. Given the major label and corporate endorsements, though, I'm guessing not. Frankly, one of the things I like so much about Eisley is that they make intelligent, interesting, innovative music without the tiresome scenester pretense and affectation. I could live without filling Warner's pockets to get it (and without the over-slick, homogenizing, musak-like production and questionable track/single selection judgment that comes along with that) but what do you do. Seriously though, I think significant segments of your potential market (people who are going to connect with Eisley) shop at Walmart. Don't be too snobby to give them their Eisley.

2. In terms of age, who is Eisley's market? Support your opinion
best you can? (like, you know, 2 - 80 or whatever)

Thats a mystery to me. Probably depends on whether the question is who IS the audience, or who could/should the audience be? I'm guessing the audience nationally, beyond those who were in touch with local music around North Texas and Austin a few years ago and would have come to know (and love) Eisley as they are, is dominated by teenage girls, mostly those in evangelical youth groups, and emo kids. But that would be a shame, and a function of the narrow genre stereotype imposed on the band (at least initially) by the record company, track selection, choice of singles, the facile angle imposed by lazy journalists more focused on back-story than music, prejudice from taste-makers, etc.

I'm 37 and male. Is that wrong? Well, I'm not ashamed. Probably not your target demographic, but I think Eisley's music is incredibly broad in its range and appeal, and some of it is as sophisticated as anything out there and more so than most. I don't buy the "the band finally matured on Combinations" bit either. I don't think, for instance, that I could ever hear Memories, Just Like We Do, or Mr. Pine too many times, and still don't understand why Golly Sandra wasn't promoted all over mainstream radio. On the other hand, some of the material does appeal to me less. I don't find that Trolleywood or Telescope Eyes, for instance, speak to me much (though it's talented enough stuff), and, to be quite blunt, would live a long and happy life if I never heard Brightly Wound again (which I find borderline insipid- had to cut it out and re-burn the album so I could play it with friends over). Different strokes for different folks. Honestly, I love some of Combinations but some of it connects a bit less well for me, ironically. I have Come Clean, I Could Be There For You, Go Away and Ten Cent Blues in tight rotation. The first three tracks, somewhat less so.

In terms of range and versatility, the Like the Actors EP is simply showing off- its plain immodest (but I love it). The song is a tour de force. I'm sure Warner hates it. And I was ecstatic to finally have an official release of Sunfeet- its a fantastic song (one of the best) that I always thought should have been a single. Head Against the Sky is a good old fashioned shoegaze/emo-esque romper, great for cooking up a live show, though its pretty straight forward and wears off with repeat listens (except when seen live). It could have have been an outstanding single too. I have always (rightly or wrongly) thought of this track as written just to prove that Eisley was perfectly capable of epitomizing that genre (if not exhausting it), complete with all the stock mandatory devices, in one song, and are thereafter bored with it and have no more to say on the matter (whereas some bands have spent a decade or more moving around in that small circle). In other words, showing off again.

You hear comparisons/references/influences cited that Eisley's presumed audience will know (most of which I'm not that familiar with), but for people my age, Eisley's music connects with lots of earlier references. People who grew up on noisy, cathartic, atmospheric stuff like the Cure (esp. Disintegration era), Souxie, Yo La Tengo, Throwing Muses, Church, Sonic Youth, JMC, DCD, Sisters, and the Cocteau twins (especially the Cocteau Twins) are gonna find nostalgia (but not imitation) in Eisley's better stuff. They'll appreciate their proggy/neo-psy key and time-signature departures, their etherialism over the driving bass, the tribal toms and the occasional "steve morris shuffle" from Weston that is instantly recognizable to every balding, receding former new-waver. They are totally at home with the artful, non gratuitous application of feedback and distortion-laden chord wash. When the tune resolves back into a solid, throbbing mod/ska downbeat structure just as it was threatening to dissolve into ethereal goo, it feels like going home to guys of my generation. In fact, I always thought Eisley would have fit in great on 4AD!

Point is, with a band with a range like like Eisley's, audience's demographics are gonna be more responsive to single (and track) selection than for most bands. Your potential audience is whatever you want it to be. You have to choose!

It strikes me as almost kafkaesque, though, that Warner would manipulate/limit your market for four years, and then come and ask you who your market is so they can push you further into the pigeonhole they have been jamming you into based on the (inevitable) answer.

As an aside, as someone involved in social sciences research, I've gotta warn you (as you probably know already) that there is a huge difference between surveying a representative sample of the people who listen to Eisley and surveying a self-selected sample from among those who listen to Eisley who spend their time hanging out on the Eisley fan website and post to fan forums. Teens and early twenties would be probably overrepresented among those who are going to post here relative to the distribution of Eisley appreciators more generally. Also, youngsters are more likely to go to concerts than older folks. People my age think nothing of heading down to the Gypsy (when there was such a thing) or DaDa to catch a band they like (especially on an off-night), but are unlikely to bother with turning out at Smirnoff (or even HOB) unless they are taking their kids. Too much hassle. Especially if we have to buy tickets in advance. Its just not that much a part of our lives anymore. We still buy plenty of CD's though. So even the sense you get from shows might not be totally representative of the market, age-wise.

3. What would you guess the percentage of guys to girls to be? Give your
reasoning. (I guess I'm tipping the hat since you'll be able to see the %)

Really don't know on this one. Probably even split, or slightly more girls. Girls relate to girls, and identify them, but guys like to be sung to by girls. I'm a guy, and female vocals seem to have greater relative appeal to me as I get older. Depends on the kind of music. I'm not sure The Jam or The Clash would be quite the same with female vocals, but I'm not sure I would enjoy Paul Weller singing soaring, intertwining two-part harmony with Mick Jones quite as much as I enjoy listening to the Dupree girls.

*before any of the comments about the likely market are misconstrued as anti-religious; for the record, I am a presbyterian "in good standing" (whatever that means) -although that may be worse than a satanist to the Vinyard folks Wink .
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