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Sea Post King

1. No, Walmart sucks. You can and will become huge without them.

2. I would guess 13 - 40...ish

3. I already saw the percentage, but I wouldn't have guessed more guys than girls.
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Sea Post King

1. I think having Eisley albums in major chain retail is a good idea. Kids in nowhere Arkansas or Iowa usually don't have good record stores, or even big box electronics stores for music.

2. I think the mean age is probably mid 20's but the median age is probably early 20's.

3. I'd say it's very close to 50/50 based on my attendance at shows.
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Vintage Newbie

1. Doesn't apply. As long as it's at Amazon and not on itunes (any version), I'm good! Smile

2. Going from the forum, I'd say 16-25. Most of the boardies seem to be college or at school.

3. I have nooooo idea. I'd say roughly 50/50. My mates have said the girls are good-looking, but wouldn't listen to the music because of that. they'd probably do some innapropriate behaviour with pictures of them. is that too explicit? i hope not, i'm just saying... Rolling Eyes. Someone said guys like to listen to females singning. interesting... before I listened to Eisley I didn't give a rats bum about female voices. The only other Eisley fan i've met i female, although I've heard of another guy from Edinburgh...

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Sea Post King

1. don't buy cd's at wal-mart so it doesn't affect me. i don't particularly care for their use of eminent domain to obtain prime land even if it was formerly a family farm (happened down the road from old roommate's now wife). if eisley were to sell cd's at wal-mart it wouldn't stop me from buying them the places i usually go.

2. i'd say 18-25. it's the college and grad student crowd. they're the most likely to purchase new music and be captivated by the amazing sound. that's just what happened to me. i also think this is the age range most likely to buy something based on a friend's recommendation which seems to be how the word is spreading about eisley.

3. 50/50. the only reason the online poll leans more towards males is because more males spend large amounts of time on the internet. thus, more males are going to be at these forums.
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Vintage Newbie

1. No.

2. Maybe 14-40ish?

3. About even.
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Vintage Newbie

Your target demographic would be concentrated in the 12-22 age range I believe, though I am 36. From the posts I have seen here in Laughing City, that is a large majority of the age range of posters, thus probably a large majority of fans. I would most certainly market in large chains like Walmart. Just looking at the target age range, many teens get dragged to the Walmart by their parents and end up looking at CDs. I know when I was that age I would be looking at the cassettes and LPs at Kmart when being dragged out shopping by my mother, but today it is CDs and Walmart dwarfs all other big retailers. Many towns have Walmart and do not have Borders or a mall to get CDs at. Many in your target demographic pay cash as many do not have a credit card (those under 18 especially) and thus may not be online buying. And what others have said about Walmart selling family friendly, Eisley being non-offensive, etc... Male/Female Eisley fans are about 50/50 I would think from what I have seen here in the forum and elsewhere.
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Sea Post King

I think that Eisley's music should be available in walmart/kmart. Why not? Not everyone is lucky enough to know all the cool hip spots where they can buy all the best underground indie rock music Wink

As far as their age market, I would say anywhere from 10-25. I say as young as 10 because i would have loved to be listening to eisley's music when i was 10. its intellectual and fairy tale-esque.

And I think the age poll speaks for itself. although I would've assumed there were more girls Wink

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Sea Post King


1. Should Eisley's LP be in Walmart/K-Mart, and why?
Yes, it should be. Availability is very important. I do not have the album yet, and I don't even know where I could get it. And if people have to look too hard, it might discourage them toward the project.

2. In terms of age, who is Eisley's market? Support your opinion
best you can? (like, you know, 2 - 80 or whatever)
I think right now Eisley best fits the "college and post-college" age group. Kids seem to be in much harder stuff right now. I'm judging this on the fact that I'm not sure whether I'd be very much into them even two years sooner, while I was sowing my wild music oats.

3. What would you guess the percentage of guys to girls to be? Give your
reasoning. (I guess I'm tipping the hat since you'll be able to see the %)
I would probably say 60/40 in boys' favor. I may just be speaking for myself, but I have an infatuation with female vocals, but I don't think I'm the only one.
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Sea Post King

1. I go mostly to Best Buys for my cds but what I can't there I go to Wal- Mart. So I say yes, it should be available at Wal-Mart.

2. I'd say like 14 to maybe 25.

3.About 50/50
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Sea Post King

1) Well I live and I am from Ireland so I don't know the difference, we have Super Values and Spars and Tesco's and more...

2) Age group I think would be 16 to 28 eish... I dunno why I think this type of music fits in with my Era which is 16 to 28.

3) Yea I think it it would be 50/50, I would of thought more girls but it don't look that way. Its kinda weird?

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Golly, Poster

I don't know about the demographics.. and this is an old question, but I haven't been able to find the cd in Wal Mart, and I was hoping to. Still waiting to purchase it. If it had been there in week 1, I would have bought two copies. I haven't checked lately, but I didn't find it at Best Buy, but I will look now.

I would guess that if you find Sixpence None the Richer fans and check out their demographics you won't be too far off at least as far as who will like your music. There are a lot of similarities in your sound.
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Sea Post King

How can you go wrong with Wal-Mart? We may not like every thing about Wal-Mart, but it opens your market up big time!
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Sea Post King

1. Yes. Reason? For me, if I want to buy a CD/DVD, etc, the first place I look is at Wally World. It'd be convienent to purchase, and that might make it sell better. Maybe... That's just what I think.

2. I'd say 13-30ish. Just from what I've seen in my friends, etc.

3. I would have guessed that it was be 60-40 in favor of females, but I was wrong!!
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Sea Post King

1. No, Walmart idealizes low wages and no healthcare for their employees. By agreeing to put eisley records in walmart would, more or less, be supporting this company that does not recognize their workers as the cogs of the store. Furthermore, by allowing a place of walmarts size and stature to sell the records would be just be another way of killing the local record store. Eisley prints mostly on american apparel t-shirts which is awesome and supports our community, but it seems that by selling the merch at walmart would be slightly hypocritical in a socially responsible context.

2. 16-30.

3. i'd say 50/50. I just saw eisley in denver and thought that the ratio was pretty even.
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Sea Post King

1. I bought the second ep at wal-mart and the lp at barnes and nobel's ( though not by choice. ) Wal-mart is more convenient for me, because it means I can convince my parent to buy me music instead of having to spend my wages on it.

2. I got into Eisley when i was 13 I think, but the music could appeal to younger children because of the upbeat melodies and fantastical lyrics. My step-father ( who is 41 ) also likes Eisely, and he's a child of punk. I think that this is a band that can appeal to a great range of ages.

3. I also would have thought that females were the more dominant, but then most of my friends claim that "that stuff" is too soft for them. ( I hang with slipknot fans... )

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