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really? i thought those other threads were just joking!


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the gEek


+ Added "prev/next" links to the page navigation.
+ Added more vertical spacing between topics on "view forum" page
+ Adjusted stylesheet to hopefully fix the "holy crap this text looks huge by default in Internet Exploder!"
+ Changed visited link color for "view forum" pages. Still tweaking some colors.
+ Fixed "checkbox error" with Private Messages. You can now select messages and use "Delete Selected"
+ [2.22.05] Added MOD that wraps long URLs so they don't stretch out the forum. Let me know if this causes any problems with links.


A lot of people have posted nitpicks, requests, etc. in different threads here (or IMed me), all of which is fine and I don't mind, but if you could do me a favor and just post them in this thread so I have an easy way to keep track of things to be tweaked, that would be great. Thanks!

So far, best I can remember, we need to:
. adjust the font color on the lighter moss background so it stands out more
. adjust the navigation header to fit on 800x600 resolution.
. add favicon for browser address bar/bookmark listings

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