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Now distributed through WB (wea), these stores now carry the new ep:
Marvelous Things - released December 9th. (watch out for ones that are printed wrong...but by now, they should have been recalled. Badly out of registration) Thanks.

Best Buy
Borders Inc
Aec One Stop Group Inc
Mts Incorporated
Trans World Ent Corp
Virgin Entertnmt Group Inc
Hastings Entertainment Inc
Musicland Group
Anderson Merchandisers Inc
Norwalk Distributors Inc.
Sandusky Distributing Co
Cd Listening Bar Inc
Value Music Concepts Inc (Dip)
Jakiela Enterprises Inc
Amazon.Com Inc
Baker & Taylor, Inc
Waterloo Records
Electric Fetus, The
Cd World
Lou S Records
Music City Record Dist
Newbury Comics Inc.
Tower Record & Tape Inc.
Painted Smiles
Hollywood Amoeba
Record Town Inc
Impact Music Inc
Bull Moose Music
Exclusive Company Inc
Transcontinent Record Sale
Independent Records
Homer S Acquistion Corp
Ear X-Tacy Inc
Manifest Discs & Tapes
Record & Tape Traders
Streetlight Records
Cd City Inc
Dimple Records, Inc.
Haight Street Amoeba Inc
Half-A-Man Inc
J & R Electronics Inc.
New World Music Inc
Plan 9 Records
Six G S Inc
Sonic Boom Records
Easy Street Records
Hmv-Usa Accts Payable
Rasputin Records Inc
Eide S Entertainment Inc
Midnight Star Inc
Soundwaves Inc
Eric S Trip, Inc.
Grateful Records Inc
Gregory R Halamay Inc
Stars End Inc / Tracks
Thirty Three Degrees
Aron S Record Shop Inc
Deadpan Alley
Gonzales Music Center
Listen Hear
Mad-Rhino Inc
Atomic Records
Coiro Corp
Jacks Music Shop
Michael Philips Ent Inc
Music Experience
Music Shack, The
Record Service Inc
Sensuous Sounds Systems In
Silver Platters Llc
Slackers Cd S & Games
Tune Town
Vintage Vinyl Records Inc
Amoeba Music Inc
B-Side Records&Tapes Inc
Disc Exchange, Inc.
E-Music Inc
Horne & Ferraro
International Mktng Grp In
Lakeshore Record Exchange
Mad Platter, The
Mike S Video, Inc
Moondog Music
Music Den Inc
Music Millennium
Record Explosion Of 5th
Record Time Inc
Repo Records
Salzer S Mercantile
Sound Garden Inc, The
Vintage Vinyl Inc
Von S Shops
Aka Music
Alwilk Record & Tape
Amherst Record Shop
Associated Dist
Birdland Record Shop Inc.
Boo Boo Records Inc
Bubble Records
Co-Op Records
Crossroads Music Corp
Do Re Mi Music & Video
Down In The Valley Inc
East West Audio Inc #1
House Of Guitars, Inc.
Mad Hatteurs Rec & Tapes
Melody Record Shop Inc
Merch Inc / Record City
Multi Sound Music Corp
Music Box Newport
My Generation
Ocean County Music
Off The Record
Peeple S Music
Pure Pop For Now People Inc
Rack N Robin Inc.
Record Revolution Inc
Ripete Of Charleston, Inc
Sea Level Records Inc
The Beat
Trac Records Inc


Check out:

We tried to make all the regular stuff (T&T) that bands are supposed to have for sale on the site...Smile There are T-shirts and buttons and posters and stickers and whatever...we might add some stuff or change out some stuff. Thanks.


Early (indie) recordings are just out there. As of right now, we're not burning any more of our early ep's. (such as EP2 ) Just find someone that has one and burn it. Or, for now, they're on the main site []...hi rez. Download 'em. music. It's very lo-fi and the band has matured a lot, but...most agree that it's sonically good and the performances are very decent.

The band released a 5-song EP May 20, 2003 on The Record Collection. The title of the EP is Laughing City. This EP should be available nation-wide through independant distribution channels of ADA - "alternative distribution aliance."


Record Collection Music sells the EP in their online store, as well as the two Eisley t-shirt designs. At the moment this is the only online store selling the t-shirts, although you can probably find the EPs at a variety of retail and stores such.


Adding to the list: Amazon, Best Buy, Virgin Mega Record Stores, Tower, some Hastings, we even found some at Ameoba in LA; certainly Good Records in Dallas has it, Waterloo in Austin...etc.

Recent increase in record sales in DFW area have caused record stores in that area to restock and increase efforts to promote, using graphics, end caps, etc. The Record Collection and ADA have enocouraged this.
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