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So, this might be kinda late, but I just think there should be a thread where people can share their favorite Eisley moments of 2006...and how this leads to excitment over all the awesomeness that 2007 potentially has!

this can be personal, random, general or obscure stuff...i'll just do mine list style

my favorite 06 eisley moments
1. joining the LC forum, it is a nice place with nice people and Boyd keeps things well oiled with eislandic info
2. getting the final noise EP....seriously "They All surrounded Me" is one incredible tune
3. Getting to see this awesome band play not once...but twice during the final noise tour!....and both trips were sweet adventures
4. hearing Chauntelle sing on "One More Day With You" i seriously heard this song about 23 times in a row when i downloaded it
5. wearing weston's shoes to the show at buzz oven and getting a picture of that posted in trolleywood....that was neato xa billion

...mine is a simple list, but i'm hoping everyone contributes, but yeah just think of how quickly this last year passed and you'll feel less anxious about waiting for April!

and thank you Eisley for all the great memories and wonderful ruckus you guys bring into this crazy world!

6. the memories video! i enjoyed it much and i like that when i just hear the song i get all those fanciful video images now

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Sea Post King

Remembering the eisley-related good times of '06 sounds fun! Er... the only problem is that I think I would get '05 and '06 memories mixed up, just like I do with the rest of my memories... but I have to agree that Chauntelle singing "One more day with you" was one of the awesomest Eisley-related moments ever. It was heart-breaking and beautiful and even though it wasn't an Eisley song, it made me fall in love with them all over again.
I mostly enjoyed all the pictures fed to us thru Sherri and Stacy's bloggity-Journal things (and pics from Boyd, of course). I liked seeing Chauntelle painting her Owl bag (I think that was in '06) and Sherri leaping around the yard after Stacy made carrot cake. Cause I've totally painted tote-bags before AND jumped around like an idiot because of good-food anticipation. I luvs Eisley - they're so relatable.

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Sea Post King

1. Finding out that Eisley exists and getting their CD!!!
2. Joining laughing city and becoming part of all that happens here...

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Vintage Newbie

I have a really bad memory, but here goes.

1.) Sherri announcing her engagement to Chad
2.) The Buzz Oven show (my first Eisley concert with my husband)
3.) The Memories video

Jamie (the female version)
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Lost at Forum

1) Briefly walking with the band as they returned from a Starbucks to their concert venue. Then seeing the awesome show and getting autographs from everyone, including Boyd.
2) Walking in a snow-filled park and listening to The Winter Song.
3) First hearing Room Noises.

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Vintage Newbie

1. hugging the girls.
2. getting a signed polaroid from each member, two from boyd and one more from sound dude and another dude.
3. hugging the girls.
4. talking to boyd.
5. getting a text from boyd asking me to call him, then talking to him for 10 minutes.
6. seeing them twice in about five days, and talking to boyd both times.

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Vintage Newbie

1. while eating some tai food in Lawrence, Stacy, Chauntelle, Christie and maybe some others walk by and I say "hey. it's them." louder than I wanted to and the entire resturant turns and looks. I seem to always see them before shows, but never say anything. Next time I might.

um...all the other good things ended in bad.

2. seeing them as headliners for the first time (then losing my blue hoodie (which was the only reason I went to a show))

3. seeing them as headliners for the second time...can't really remember anything bad from that one. Oh yeah. I almost got a ticket on the way home.

4. Made a new friend because of one of my Eisley shirts.

5. final noise ep. aint nothin wrong with that.

6. sitting at work during the summer seeing that the memories video was up, but not being able to play it because they didn't want me on the internet.

7. Hearing Chad Gilbert sing Marvelous Things at the Tulsa sound check.
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Vintage Newbie

1. Meeting Stacy
2. Seeing them live in SF
3. Memories video
4. New songs they played on Final Noise tour (Invasion, etc.)
5. Final Noise EP
6. Joining the forum and meeting some cool people
7. Buying clothes from Sherri and each time finding something extra she'd thrown in like: drawing a robot and then signing it, a thank you note which she signed, and stickers.

Sherri and Stacy were very awesome to me this year. Very Happy

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Vintage Newbie

1. when sherri farted in that video.

i keeeed
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Vintage Newbie

that rooftop battle with boyd for rambling supremacy
needless to say my posts have been shorter for a reason...
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mr pine
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or that time eisley played on the roof of the apple building in london. and someone called the cops and in the middle of trolley wood sherri sings "you've been playing on the roofs again, and your mommy doesnt like that, oh she gets angry and gonna have you arrested get back"
and then chauntelle saying at the end of the show "id like to thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and i hope we passed the audition"

ohh good times.

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Laughing Citizen

1) "discovering" Eisley (heard about them once before, but finally paid attention)
2) Joining LC, discoverying Trolleywood, etc.
3) Seeing them live in April
4) Meeting them, if only for a moment, after the show.......Even though it was super late and I almost crashed several times driving the couple hours back home as a result of falling asleep.
5. Hearing the new songs.
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Sea Post King

Just seeing them last April was amzing. And I just joined this forum, so that's great too. Razz
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Golly, Poster

the best moment was way back when...when they asked if I needed a ride home from the venue in minneapolis...oh I love them!
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Vintage Newbie

The best Eisley moment was when Sherri got mad at Weston on the set of the "Memories" video and punched him in the chest and then proceeded to rip his heart out of his body. That was so cool.
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