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Eisley is playing tonight here in the ATL at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre, like, as in outside. Right now it is thundering, lightning and raining like crazy. Shocked There is probably no chance of cancelling, is there? But on the ticket it says rain or shine. Does that include hurricane speed winds and rain? Just kidding. It isn't that bad. Maybe it'll clear up soon. Whatever, I'm going even at the risk of being electrocuted. Wink
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Whoa, this should be interesting ...

If they play, share the set list! And be careful!


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Golly, Poster

Eisley in a thunderstorm? The perfect background effect for any Eisley song.
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I know this is post de facto, but I don't think they ever cancel concerts at pavilions due to weather. I say this because in 1997 I went to the H.O.R.D.E. Festival in Chicago. The weather was so freaking bad, I've never seen it rain and blow that hard. I was 17th row in the pavilion and was still getting wet. At one point during Neil Young's set the power went out. I guess they had auxillary amps because those worked, but because the sound was not as good everyone rushed the stage. I ended up being in the front row. A little bit later though all this water started rolling down from the lawn and flooding the place. That resulted in me standing in a foot of water the rest of the show. If that wasn't cancelled, I don't know if they will ever cancel an amphitheater show. So if you ever have lawn tickets, bring an umbrella and rain coat!

I found this review online about the concert, its a fun read.

The rain did not stop Neil Young and Crazy Horse from taking the stage promptly at its designated start time. The band immediately launched into their portentous Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) and held back nothing as the dual guitar attack of Young and the underrated Frank "Poncho" Sampedro each belted out scorching riffs. It was great to hear Crime in the City and the more mellow Hippie Dream, but these were overshadowed by the raging thunderstorm that continued to surround the theater.

Young regained the audience's attention with F*!#in' Up, and driven by the rhythmic duo of Ralph Molina's drums and Billy Talbot's bass, he launched into an amazing solo that was cut short when the storm wiped out the power to the arena. Only Neil Young and Crazy Horse could possibly keep their momentum rolling, continuing to jam despite a lack of lighting and a sound system. Instead, flashlights and candles cast light upon the band, which continued unfazed. Gradually, the crew turned all the amps and monitors towards the audience, and the fireworks continued.

Lightning surrounded the theater with brilliant flashes and streaks across the sky. The wind and rain picked up, and Young and company countered in an awesome duel with nature. Without pause, Young led the band through a life-affirming, all-out experience of Like a Hurricane that only seemed to magically intensify the storm. The wind pushed the rain through the pavilion to the 35,000 seat arena. We were about midway between the stage and the back of the pavilion and ended up soaking wet. Even more amazing was that the wind picked up at such a speed, it pushed the hard-driving rain all the way to the stage, drenching everyone, including the band. Despite the risk of electrical shock, the group continued to plow through Like a Hurricane, which seemed more and more appropriate with each note it played.

Rockin' in the Free World continued the intensity. Water gushed down into the pavilion, and the audience climbed onto walls to avoid the flow, which peaked about 3 inches short of the foot-high barricade. Gradually, the water worked down to the front of the stage, where it created a small river. Young continued on through Tonight's the Night, while security told everyone that this would be the final song. This was a big mistake for those who left.

Young noticed the water flowing down the aisles and launched into a pairing of Down by the River and Powderfinger. Despite the fact that it was difficult to hear much more than the vocals and the guitars of Young and Sampedro, both of these versions were unbelievably intense. With the power of the group's delivery, the insanity of the storm, and the hysterical stage antics of a band dancing around in the rain, the remaining audience was totally captivated by the performance. Somehow, the group managed to defeat the rain -- by the time it finished Piece of Crap, 80 minutes after taking the stage, the rain had stopped.
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Sea Post King

Oh goodness! Adam....Welcome back. Eisley's Admiral has returned.
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