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Last night Eisley played a venue in Seattle they hadn't played before (Neumos) and I felt it was the perfect size for them.

This was my 10th Eisley show but this one felt fresh because they played "The Valley" in its entirety (not in order, just all the songs) so it was a bunch of songs I hadn't heard live before, so it was great.

Christie was lovely as usual. She and Colin played a short 30 minute set to start off the show. She's really coming into her own now with some really great songs.

The Narrative were... ok. I'll compliment them on their on-stage banter, but their songs were mediocre. That and an eye-roll inducing Radiohead cover. I'm sure they're nice people and I know I'm being overly critical, but they just weren't for me.

Eisley promptly took the stage next. They seemed to quickly go from one song to the next. I think Seattle has some rules about when all-ages shows have to end, otherwise the band and venue get fined. Something like that.

The setlist:
Watch It Die
Golly Sandra
Better Love
Marvelous Things
The Valley
Come Clean
Many Funerals
Be Kind
Oxygen Mask
I Could Be There For You
I Wasn't Prepared (w/ Christie)
I Wish
Mr. Moon

Trolleywood (apparently by request)

I was hoping to get a hoodie, but the merch booth only had t-shirts. They did have copies of "The Valley" on green marble colored vinyl. I ended up just getting one of Christie's shirts (grey shirt with a drawing of Colin and Christie on it--pretty cool).

Sherri announced they were going to be on tour again in the fall and would be back in Seattle for Bumbershoot (a 3-day festival in Seattle Center) in September. And I'm already looking forward to that!

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Thanks for the review.

In KC there were a lot of feedback issues, but most distractingly during the Narrative's set, even though they had two people working sound for them, on stage and one off. The banter went into overdrive, with Suzie talking about how awkward she was. Well, that was fine the first 3 or 4 times, but it went on for a long while as they struggled with sound problems. It was fairly obvious that it things were not going as plans and she was not only awkward, but a Nervous talker. I knew about the covers ahead of time cause there were youtube videos linked from a previous show and I wanted to hear what they sounded like. Did they not do the medley with Don't Stop Believing ? If not, that might be better left undone. Thanks to the Sopranos Finale that song has been getting done to death all over again. *

Trolleywood has come along and replaced Just Like We Do which was the encore in KC, and all night a couple of guys kept yelling for Trolleywood from the front of the stage. Did they play it with anyone else from the band besides Stacy and Sherri?

*I like this band, Number One Gun, and the made it the last track on their most recent album Sad

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Thank you William! Smile
I'm just glad that Eisley made it through that night... that's odd i guess to require that the show ends by a certian time? The band must have to rush to finish. But, Eisley played through it and the show was a success? That's Eisley... an Eisley show has always been a great event (for me at least)! Smile And I can't wait to hear the new songs; glad you got to hear all of them. Very Happy
Your setlist will always be in the gigography from now on. Smile

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