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Hello all,

I was never a big poster here and I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I recently listened to Room Noises and remembered how much I love that album and a lot of high school memories came flooding back as I reminisced how much Eisley, and that album in particular meant to me back then.

I realized I hadn't thought much about Eisley in recent days and, of course, the reason is that they've been pretty quiet. When Stacy, Chauntelle, and Weston left the band, I figured that was the end and I was heartbroken. Then I'm Only Dreaming came out in 2017 (four years ago already!) and I was pleasantly surprised at just how good that album is.

Anyway, do you guys think we will ever get another album from them or was I'm Only Dreaming their unofficial goodbye?
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After the pandemic shut down the music business, putting most every professional recording office in full "Studio Only" mode a la the Beatles in their latter years I was inspired to so the uptick in long-distance collaborations and independent spirit amongst artists I was fond of. Others just took to doing their spin on Tiny Desk Concerts. Beyond that a lot were focusing on family.

If the pandemic had hit when the band was still young and all in one household they would have been one of the few bands who could have made a big swing for the fences during lockdown with live stream concerts as ticketed events etc. But now they live apart and have their own households to manage. Sherri is definitively the voice and "captain" of the Eisley ship and she has an Eisley's worth of her own children to look over, with their 5th member due to enter the world next month.

At this point nurturing the growth and well-being of her household/ family is going to pull focus until time and motivation point back to creating in her varying projects, with @Eisley being in her bio on IG to this day.

So long as she wills it to be so, Eisley's aesthetic will be waiting in the wings because through so many talented family members, those songs can be brought to life by any combination of them who are willing to lend their talents to the effort.

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That's a good way of looking at it. It's certainly understandable that family and life stuff needs to take priority. I do like the idea of not officially calling it quits when life gets busy, but leaving the door open for a potential return. A number of bands I liked when I was younger seem to be doing that.

Part of me will always hope that they will all get back together for some more tunes one day. And, heck, even some more Sherri/Garron Eisley would be great. I guess I won't hold my breath though.
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