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I still lurk here maybe once a year. sometimes I do miss the discussions with some of you guys here though. I still talk to will regularly on Facebook though, when I can.

meanwhile, currently traveling through Europe, about to be back in the states. I still do music, but it's much different from back in the day. I didn't think eisley was a big part of my regular listening anymore, but they number 3 in my Spotify this yea.

I do really enjoy the direction Sucre has taken, and I listen to a lot of Grimes, Sylvan Esso, and Julien baker nowadays. if anyone is interested, my project's current incarnation is SONATORE. besides music, I've been doing a bunch of polaroid photography.

I joined this forum 10 years ago now, and currently in my late 20s. it's kinda funny how much more regularly some of the Dupree family appears in my life nowadays now that half of them live in nashville, but I'm no longer as big of a fan as I use to be. Todd had his guitar studio behind my old boss's art studio, christie works at a coffee shop I go to sometimes, my friend runs into Stacy and Collin while working at target, and I got friends and coworkers who are close to the family.

this being said, still excited about the upcoming sucre release and whatever solo release sherri makes. I would still be excited if they ever released demos from albums 1-3 + deep space.

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