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What was your favorite Eisley song, or at least the one that made you a fan?
It's still the same, and that song is (answer in comments).
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It used to be one song, now it's another (answer in comments).
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It's be varying songs over time, they are (answer in comments).
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I've never had a favorite Eisley song.
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The subject crossed my mind after putting what I consider my favorite Eisley song on a driving around mix cd.

To answer the question myself, Tree Tops and Marvelous Things were my favorite songs, more so the latter if I had to pick one. But now, for musical and emotional reasons, Lights Out is my favorite Eisley song without question. I love many Eisley songs, but the genesis of that Lights Out resonated so deeply at the time, only more so since. For me it's a resounding anthem, the inversion of the lullaby-like nature of Marvelous Things.

I imagined Marvelous Things as a song sung to comfort a child afraid of the dark. Lights Out is very much a song about carrying on in the face of losing shelter and trying to wake a loved one from their slumber, to paraphrase the song itself. It has always struck a nerve with my, but especially as the circumstances of my own life and that of my family have leaned into similar realities as those surrounding Lights Out.

What a gift this band & family have given us.

yup, that's my name.

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Vintage Newbie

Probably Mr Pine. I am not as familiar with their discography as I was back in the day. I guess it was only released in the pre-signed recording (by Midlake I think?) and as a live version.

Speaking of Midlake - has their former singer ever released anything? Just came to mind while typing.

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