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   Topic: what are the eisley guys like

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jonathan and weston are the BEST to hug! Chauntelle is the lovingest. Sherri thinks her art is crap but it is not. Stacy used to hate my husband, but now I think she thinks he's ok. I made them al ...

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Have the happiest, hippiest birthday.
Hugs from Joam and me from way out in Wisconsin!
   Topic: Marvelous Things v. Laughing City

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I vote for Laughing City just because my husband and I (who weren't married at the time) were at the very place they composed or put together the song "I wasn't prepared" and it's one of my favorites ...
   Topic: These are the many stores that will carry Marvelous Things

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not barnes and noble?
   Topic: How many times have YOU seen the Moss live?

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I almost chose "part of the family" but I'm not really. I've seen Moss play tons of times, as the towheads, as sinclair, as mossEisley. I bet it's gotta be more than twenty times. I love you guys a ...
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