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   Topic: Sherri and The Cardigans

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i love me some cardigans. they are one of the few bands who make albums that are almost completely different from each other, yet are distinctly them. You're the Storm is the greatest song ever writt ...
   Topic: Eisley News. Major Winds of Change.

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Wow, this really leaves me not knowing quite what to think. I am glad that Jon showed the courage to do what his feelings were telling him. The lyrics from the Billy Corgan song The Camera Eye keep ...
   Topic: DC and NC showgoers

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i'm driving 2 hours to DC monday evening, then after the show to philadelphia, then after the philly show the 4 hour straight drive home and up for work at 8. fun fun fun.
   Topic: Dear DC Kids

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i just got back from hanging out in DC... Georgetown mostly. Those Exorcist stairs are quite amazing.
   Topic: Eisley setlist at Baltimore show

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yes, it was a gooood show.
   Topic: how about some b-more pics? huh? how 'bout it?!?

Replies: 6
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i need a haircut. it's been about 6 months.
   Topic: Kim needs a hug

Replies: 29
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boxer hugs are the best. if you don't mind the slobber that is.
   Topic: i'm gonna save everyone time and sum it all up

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i'm really not into reggie or nfg, but i was really surprised at how much fun the whole show was. not just eisley. or maybe it was just andrew and jon in the photobooth.....
   Topic: march 24th show (washington, dc) moved

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yes, i'll probably be there. and baltimore is definitely more shady than DC. although i wish the show was at fletchers. i love that place.
   Topic: Many people now know about Eisley

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They were also a featured band on Myspace for a while.
   Topic: EP 1 & 2

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i bought ep2 at cornerstone.
ahh those were the days.
   Topic: Rollingstone review...

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rolling stone really is a joke. It makes me mad how incredibly lame it is. especially their lists of top 100 guitarists, bands etc.
   Topic: The "I Got Room Noises" Experience Thread

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love it.
that's all that really needs to be said.
   Topic: who would win in a battle of the bands?

Replies: 26
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boston... converge... cave in
   Topic: spring tour

Replies: 53
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if Eisley played the downstairs at the Black Cat in DC i would go insane.
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