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Sea Post King

I became aware of Eisley due to their video with SSLYBY and as a long time music fan, I like their original sound and approach. I am a former musician and my son is working on his own projects. I would not discourage the Wal Mart approach but I think it is important to remember that the record companies are fickle. Just remember Wilco. Stay true to your voice and keep developing and you will always have supporters.
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Sea Post King

1. well i dont live in the USA, but why not? spread the music around, it wont hurt, eisley is a wonderful band.

2. as far as age wise, i would say 15-30+, Eisley's music doesnt contain explicit lyrics, heavy noises or disturbing music, i bet kids who're old enough to understand the meanings and melodies would like the music. Ive got a couple of highschoolers who listen to eisley, including me.

3. havent been to an eisley concert, what band would come to this country -.-, i dont think u even know where this place is on the map. Having to guess, i think its 50/50.
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