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Eisley Tour Posters

Eisley tour posters are not to be confused with the genre' known as
Rock Poster Art. These are what labels hand out to street teamers to
promote specific tours. Art value is typically low. Marketing value
is particularly high. They print thousands of these things. Mostly I
threw them together in photoshop, WB would print those fancy photo-
copies, send us a handful and send the rest to venues, street teamers.

I tossed these in here because I realized that they're not included in
each tour journal. Hopefully, this gives a sense of Eisley's recent hist-
ory from a touring perspective. I love history. So there. - boyd

These first 3 posters are examples of typical posters i
created for various gigs...w/ a space for the venue to
sharpie info in. For newbies, Eisley was MossEisley
even on the first Coldplay tour. But the band had play
ed 100's of shows between Spring '98 and Winter 2002
when they started showcasing for major labels.

The band was underage... so we turned it into
a statement when they started playing bars. Attitude
w/ comic relief. Midlake introduced Eisley to the dark
side. Their first club was at "Andy's Bar and Grill" in
Denton, TX. It was a great turning point.

Still... WB and new management first discovered
the band in an all age club called "the Door" only
a few blocks from where all the clubs like "Trees",
"Curtain Club", "Gypsy Tea Room", etc. are in Deep
Ellum... it was a banner night; a packed out Eisley
crowd. I'll never forget it. Joel, who'd mixed the
band so many times was having the night of his
life. It was perfection. I remember - one of Eisley's
most radical fans was dancing wildly to every song
on the front row. That night, it was all over but
the signing.


Right before MossEisley got signed, we used this
poster for several tours. Alison from Dallas took
this shot right outside the parking lot beside The
Vineyard one night after rehearsal. Nov. 2002.
while Eisely was rehearsing.

They cut the white part off the real poster at press.
That was for signing. Peter took the shots at the top.
I designed this for the Coldplay tour. Note the Laugh-
ing City design style.

The Tiny Texas Tour. What a blast. 3 Shows. First
real headlining shows in Texas.

Obviously, the Marvelous Things release... This was bas-
ically the Brand New Poster if I remember right. I use
the same snap shot I'd taken on the Coldplay tour in
Montana in the summer because I didn't like the photo
set WB had taken the day that Eisley played Verizon
Theatre w/ Coldplay.

These were Eisley's first headlining shows on the West
Coast. The short tour happened during the recording
of Room Noises. It was a great idea. The band was
going crazy. I was going thru a Russian Construc-
ivism/Modernity phase.

After the record was released, the band went out w/
Snow Patrol. I shot this in front of our house in the
band's open trailer... I was tired of glam shots and
wanted an honest look at where the band really

A sort of tradition... at least for several years in a row.
or maybe one year was a big radio show. Anyway...
these have always been successful. This wasn't a
tour, but since I'd shot plenty of stuff in downtown
Tyler, I wanted to promote the show.

After the S.P. tour, the band faced a long winter, was
wrestless and needed to get out and tour that new
record, This was the perfect solution. Out with Blake's
band (Rilo) - The Elected. A low-key, very produc-
tive tour. Lot's of fun.

A short break and Eisley took to the road for what must
be any bands longest tour. j.k. Still... 60 shows. This
tour was huge. Extremely productive - proving that
Eisley could hold their own on pretty much any turf
(except for hard core or glam rock?) Kudos to Chad
- NFG who badgered WB & Eisley non-stop to make
this happen.

Eilsey's first US headlining tour. Others were spotty...
West Coast and only in the West. No Eisley shows in
the North East, Canada, etc. One of the funnest tours
ever. We took the entire family. I shot this on the NFG
tour at Mt. Rushmore. It seemed to fit.

Yahoo made this poster. Shots were from Room Noises
shoot in Malibu, CA. A WB shoot. Nice stuff.

What a fun tour. The Switchfoot guys are so nice.
Also - a fun poster to make.

Australia w/ Taking Back Sunday.

US/Canada - 2nd headlining tour.

Eisley's 2nd trip across the pond.

Eisley's first tour after they finished "Cominations"
was an amphitheater tour with The Fray.

We finished with the Fray at Shoreline Amphitheatre
in San Francisco and left for Seattle to begin Eisley's
headlining acoustic tour to set up the new record.

We evacuated our bus in the rain in NYC and flew
to England for Reading and Leeds Festivals. While
there, we did a few one off shows in pubs plus we
opened for AVA at the Astoria in London. Obviously
there was no tour poster. I thew this together just
to document the tour.

Also not the tour poster (left hand corner but it's
too small!) We returned home from England to
New York in time to play Conan O'brien, rested for
a few wks and were off for a lengthy tour with
Mute Math. Eisley was the only support band.

We were home for Thanksgiving, had Christmas,
had some time off and left for Eisley's "Official"
Combinations tour that began April 1st, 2008.

Planning year-end 2008, beginning work on album
#3, working on International touring '09, etc.


"The industrialists never saw the fruit of their own labor - Post Moderism,
which I now proclaim as dead. Their forefathers digital revolutionists,
have accelerated the final resolve by punctuating an end to our chaotic
journey with a new manifesto and a new era: The Age of Meaning."

(manifesto's sold separate)
Welcome: Illuminists
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Sea Post King

Got a little nice collection going on. Very Happy 2nd one's my favorite! Thanks boyd.
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Vintage Newbie

it's fun looking back and remembering all the tour posters!
even though i joined LC at the beginning of '04 i had been following the band (and eventually lurking the forum once it was put up) since I saw them at Cornerstone.
it's so awesome how far they have come!

my brother just walked past the computer and said, "i think eisley is going to blow up. seriously, i think they are just gonna get so huge. there next record is going to sell in the hundred of thousands." it was really random cause he really isn't even much of an eisley fan. (he likes them, but just is kind of indifferent towards this kind of music. he does follow music pretty closely though.)
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Sea Post King

I love all of them, but I especially like the Summer Scenic one because it's hanging in my room. (signed)

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the igonorance motif
Golly, Poster

that was a fun read. i enjoyed it thoroughly. i'd take pictures of the eisley posters i've printed but oddly enough i dont have them hanging up. i need to find some cheap frames for my signed nfg poster Smile and my huge 24x36 summer scenic tour poster. it's a thing of beauty.
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Vintage Newbie

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magnetic headbot
Laughing Citizen

i love eisley tour posters
<3, Christina
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Sea Post King

im digging those posters boyd, super groovy!
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Vintage Newbie

I love the posters. They're like a collection of tiny trading card poster thingys. We should totally print a bunch of little ones and battle with them.. Laughing
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since 1979

I think I like the snow patrol one the best. There's something about the colors and them sitting in the trailer like that...
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Boyd, you are the absolute best. I was setting up a Tour Posters portion of the OGG Pictures section yesterday and couldn't find some of these, and it was driving me nuts. The West Coast post-recording tour was my all-time favorite Eisley tour poster, and I couldn't track it down, but you've solved that problem.

We can expect full-res coming too, right? Smile


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i have all but the last two

i rule

welcome to the no pants club boone
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Vintage Newbie

where do people get these posters? im so lost. i want one.
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why yes i'm a depphead
Laughing Citizen

i only have the first, but i adore it.
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Golly, Poster

I have the first and I love it but my sister drew a moustache on Sherri because she was mad at me one day. Mad
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